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In the end of 2018 FIA has defined its pathway from karting to Formula 1 with the creation of the FIA Formula 4 series on different countries and continents.

The Formula 4 became the main series for the drivers coming from karting and who wants to follow a clear way up to the top series of motorsport. 


The Harpia Force Engineering works with the Formula 4 organizers on some championships to ensure that the teams will have all support needed during the race weekend.

On other championships, we supply all engineering know how and tools to guarantee that our customers (teams and/or drivers) will have the fastest car o the grid. 


Taking into account all experience and network built on 4 years of Formula 4, we are capable to offer to the young drivers the best cost effective way to climb the FIA ladder.

our capabilities

Our 4 years working in Formula 4 certify us to provide the best service on:

- Test of Formula 4 on the track

- Race engineering for race teams

- Data engineer for teams and/or drivers

- Technical support for championships (organization)

The beginning